Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Dr Steven Gray

Principal Investigator

Specialist Area

Thoracic Malignancy / Biomarker


Molecular and Precision Oncology, Cancer Immunology


Lung Cancer; Malignant Pleural MesotheliomaEpigeneticsNon-coding RNABiomarkersCirculating free DNA/RNAcircRNAPollution


Contact Information:
Steven Gray, PhD
Senior Clinical Scientist (SJH)
Clinical Senior Lecturer (TCD)
Adjunct Senior Lecturer (TUD)
Thoracic Oncology Research Group
Central Pathology Laboratory, CPL30
St James's Hospital D08 RX0X

Team Members:
Anne Keogh (working toward an MD)

Main Funders: 
Health Research Board, Target Lung Cancer (TLC), St James’s Hospital Foundation

Active research programmes: 
Dr Gray’s research currently involves studies on:

1. Identification of biomarkers that may have prognostic value in lung cancer and mesothelioma

2. Epigenetic mechanisms underpinning drug resistance or affecting Immunotherapy in lung cancer.

3. Targeting Epigenetic Readers, Writers and Erasers for the treatment of Mesothelioma and Thoracic malignancy

4. Circulating free RNA/DNA

5. non-coding RNA repertoires (including circular RNAs) in Mesothelioma and Thoracic malignancy.