Patient Experience

Patient Experience

GP Blood Testing

Please note: Patients must be 16 years or over to avail of this service

The GP blood testing clinic is located off the main concourse of the hospital. Take the corridor to the left, just past the staircase.

  • This clinic is open from 7.30am to 12pm Monday - Friday (except public holidays).
  • Patients must bring their referral letter/request form which should be filled out legibly and completely, to include GP name, address and code number.
  • Patients should be advised by their GP if they need to attend fasting.
  • GP patients for oral GTT (Oral glucose tolerance test) should be fasting for 12 hours. This test takes two hours to complete.
  • Patients for fasting bloods e.g. blood glucose, should be fasting for 12 hours. Only water allowed.
  • Patients for fasting cholesterol/lipids, should be fasting 12-14 hours. Only water allowed.

Please note there are no services on public holidays.

We will continue to provide 10 emergency SwiftQueue Phlebotomy appointments each day for critical patients to attend for urgent phlebotomy services. These appointments will be accessed by GPs only and will require the Healthlink form and the clinical need for urgent bloods.

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