Coronavirus Covid-19 Information

When you are discharged from hospital

Every effort will be made to prepare you for going home. Your discharge plan will start from your time of admission and you will be given an estimated date of discharge as soon as it is medically possible to do so. Before you go home:

  • Inform your nominated contact person that you are being discharged and plan how you will get home. Do you have your house keys?
  • All of the healthcare professionals involved in your care plan will work with you to get you home in a safe and timely manner.
  • You may also be discharged at short notice, if you are deemed medically fit to go home.
  • You may be transferred to our Discharge Lounge, a supervised, safe, comfortable waiting area, while waiting for your discharge arrangements to be completed or while waiting to be collected.
  • On discharge, you will receive a Discharge Summary Letter for your GP and if required, a prescription, a follow-up outpatient appointment or medical certificate.
  • If you are unsure of any aspect of your discharge plan we would encourage you to talk to the Nurse in Charge on your ward.
  • Please send as much personal property as possible home in advance.
  • If travelling by ambulance, please be aware that there is a strict luggage limit.