Accident & Emergency (see Emergency Department)

Admissions, Bed Management, Waiting list

Anatomic Pathology (see Histopathology & Cytology)


Aseptic Compounding Unit (ACU) see Pharmacy

Audio Visual Support (see Medical Illustration)


Bed Management (see Admissions)

Biochemistry, Bio. Lab, Biochemistry Laboratory

Blood (see Coagulation Laboratory)

Blood Testing laboratory (see Haematology Laboratory)

Blood Transfusion, Blood Bank, Blood Transfusion Lab, BT (see Transfusion Medicine)

Bone Marrow for Leukaemia Trust, bmlt

Breast Care, Breast Clinic, Breast Service

Business Teams, Human Resources Directorate


CACT (see Centre for Advanced Clinical Therapeutics)

Cancer Audit Programme, Cancer Audit Department, Cancer Clinical Audit Department, Cancer Data Management

Cancer Centre

Cancer Genetics

Cancer Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory (CMD)

Cancer Referral (see Cancer Centre)

Cancer Unit (see Medical Oncology)

Cardiac Rehabilitation



Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care

Centre for Advanced Clinical Therapeutics, CACT

Centre for Learning & Development, CLD, Education, Learning and Development, Training, Training and Development, Training Dept 

Chemical Pathology, Clinical Chemistry Department (see Biochemistry)

Chest Pain Assessment Unit (see Emergency Directorate)

Cleaning Services (see Housekeeping Services)

Cleft Orthodontics / Prosthodontics

Clinical Microbiology

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Photography (see Medical Illustration)

Coagulation Laboratory, Blood, Haematology Laboratory

Computer Department (see IMS)


COPD Outreach (see Respiratory Assessment Unit)

Cryobiology Laboratory Stem Cell Facility, Tissue Establishment, Stem Cell Lab

CT, CT Scanning (see Diagnostic Imaging)

Cytology, Cellular Pathology (see Histopathology & Cytology)


Diabetes, Diabetic Day Centre (see Department of Endocrinology & Diabetes)

Diagnostic Imaging, DID, Radiology, Xray, Scanning

Dementia Services Information & Development Centre, DSIDC

DEXA, DXA, Osteoporosis Scan (see Diagnostic Imaging)

Dietetics, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics (See Clinical Nutrition)

Domestic Services (see Housekeeping Services)

Dubdoc (out of hours GP service on campus)


Education (See Centre for Learning & Development)

Emergency Department, Accident & Emergency, Chest Pain Assessment Unit, Emergency Observation Ward

End-of-Life Care

Endocrinology & Diabetes


Endovascular Surgery, (see Vascular and Endovascular Surgery)

Energy Services, Energy Centre, Boilerhouse

Environmental Services, Waste Management, Environmental Team

Epidermolysis Bullosa


Facial and Skull Imaging, OPGs, Face X-rays (see Diagnostic Imaging)

Finance Department

Fluoroscopy-Barium Imaging, Fluoro, Bariums (see Diagnostic Imaging)


General Medicine

General Personnel

General X-Rays, Plain X-rays, Chest X-rays (see Diagnostic Imaging)

Genito Urinary Medicine and Infectious Diseases

GUIDE (see Genito Urinary Medicine and Infectious Diseases)

Haematology Department

Haemoglobinopathy (see Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Service)

Haemophilia Centre (see NCHCD)

Hepatitis (see Hepatology)

Hepatology Department

Histopathology & Cytology Laboratory, Histology

HIV (see Genito Urinary Medicine and Infectious Diseases)

Housekeeping Services

Human Resources



IMRL Irish Mycobacteria Reference Laboratory, National TB Reference Laboratory, TB Reference Laboratory 

IMS Information Technology (IT), Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Computer Dept.

Infectious Diseases (see Genito Urinary Medicine and Infectious Diseases)

Infection Prevention & Control Service

Internal Audit

Interventional Radiology Interventional Radiology, IR (see Diagnostic Imaging)

Inventory Management (see Materials Management)


Jonathan Swift Clinic (see Psychiatry)


No Department listings for K


Laboratory Medicine Directorate, Laboratory, LabMed, Central Pathology Laboratory, CPL

Laundry Services, Linen Services

Learning and Development (see Centre for Learning & Development)

Legal and Insurance

Logistics (see Materials Management)


Maintenance Department (see Technical Services Department)

Mammography and Breast Imaging, Mammos (see Diagnostic Imaging)

Materials Management, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Inventory Management, Logistics

Maxillofacial Unit, Maxillofacial Laboratory (see National Maxillofacial Unit)

Medical Illustration

Medical Oncology

Medical Physics & Bioengineering, MPBE

Medical Workforce Unit, Medical Personnel, Medical Administration

Medicine for the Elderly, MedEl Directorate see also Mercers Institute for Successful Ageing

Medicines Information Centre, National Medicines Information Centre, NMIC

Mercers Institute for Successful Ageing

Microbiology Laboratory

MPBE (see Medical Physics & Bioengineering)

MRI Scanning, MRI, MR (see Diagnostic Imaging)

MRSA (see National MRSA Reference Laboratory)

MSW (see Social Work)

Multidisciplinary Cancer Teams (see Cancer Centre)

Multiple Sclerosis

National Coagulation Centre, NCC, Haemophila Centre

National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics, NCPE

National Gonococcal Reference Laboratory, Interim

National Maxillofacial Unit

National Medicines Information Centre, NMIC

National MRSA Reference Laboratory

National TB Reference Laboratory (see IMRL)

Nephrology (see Renal Medicine)


NMIC, National Medicines Information Centre

Nuclear Medicine Scanning, NM, Nuclear Imaging (see Diagnostic Imaging)

Nursing Practice Development Unit, NPDU


Occupational Health

Occupational Therapy

Oncology Day Centre (see Medical Oncology)

Oral and Maxillofacial Unit, OMFS, Oral Unit (see National Maxillofacial Unit)

Organisation Management (see Workforce Information & Planning Unit)

Orthopaedics & Trauma


Palliative Care Services

Pastoral Care (see Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care)

Pathology (see Histopathology & Cytology)

Personnel (Human Resources Directorate)

PET, PET CT Scanning, Positron Emission Tomography (see Diagnostic Imaging)

Pharmacy, Guide Pharmacy, Aseptic Compounding Unit (ACU), Pharmacy Directorate


Planning - Estates & Facilities Management

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Post Grad Centre (see William Stokes Post Grad Centre)

PPARS (see Workforce Information & Planning Unit)

Private Clinic


Prosthodontics (see Cleft Orthodontics / Prosthodontics)

Psychiatry, Jonathan Swift Clinic

Psychological Medicine & Psycho Oncology Service


No Department listings for Q


Radiation Oncology, Radiotherapy

Radiology (see Diagnostic Imaging)

Rapid Access Cancer Clinics (see Cancer Centre)

Recruitment & Selection, Business Teams Human Resources Directorate

Regional Oncology Programme Office

Renal Medicine, Renal Dialysis Unit

Research and Innovation Office

Respiratory Assessment Unit, RAU, Respiratory Day Centre

Respiratory Medicine


Salary Administration (see Workforce Information & Planning Unit)

SAP HR (see Workforce Information & Planning Unit)

Scanning (see Diagnostic Imaging)

SCOPe Health & Social Care Profession Directorate


Sexual Health, Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) (see Genito Urinary Medicine and Infectious Diseases)

Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Service

Site Specific Cancer Information (see Cancer Centre)

Smoking Cessation Service

Social Work, MSW

Speech & Language Therapy, SLT

St. James's Cancer Programme (see Cancer Centre)

St. James's Private Clinic

Stem Cell Lab (See Cryobiology Laboratory Stem Cell Facility);

Superannuation Division

Supply Chain Management (see Materials Management)


TB Reference Laboratory (see IMRL)

TB Service

Tissue Establishment (See Cryobiology Laboratory Stem Cell Facility)

Training, Training and Development, Training Dept (See Centre for Learning & Development)

Transfusion Medicine 

Ultrasound, US (see Diagnostic Imaging)

Urology Department


Vascular and Endovascular Surgery


Waiting list (see Admissions)

Warfarin Clinic (see Anticoagulation)

Waste Management (see Environmental Services)

Water Works Clinic (see Urology)

William Stokes Post Grad Centre

Workforce Information & Planning Unit, SAP HR, PPARS, Organisation Management, Salary Administration


Xray (see Diagnostic Imaging)


No Department listings for Y


No Department listings for Z


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