What we do

The Anticoagulation (Warfarin) clinic has approx 100 patients attending every morning for an INR blood test. Based on their readings patients are contacted if there is any changes to their medication, otherwise they receive their warfarin book in the post the next day.

A nurse is available every morning to talk to patients for enquiries/education.

Contact Details

Tel No: (01) 4162637 4284461
Fax No. (01) 4103556.

Title  Name  Phone Email 
Clinical Nurse Manager II Catherine Reilly  01 4162637  

The Medel Directorate also offers a Warfarin Service every Tues/Wed afternoon.
Contact Mary Curley/Martina Eustace 01 4162104 for Appointments to these Clinics.

Appointment Instructions

Blood testing by appointment only 8am -12.15pm Mon –Fri.

All patients must have an appointment for the clinic

Referral Procedures

New patients and return patients who have recently been in hospital must have a warfarin referral form completed on discharge and delivered by doctor to warfarin clinic prior to an appointment being given.

Download Referral Form below:

Anticoagulation Clinic

Tabacco Free Campus