What we do

The Biochemistry Department is part of the Laboratory Medicine Directorate in St. James's Hospital.  The Department provides an extensive range of routine, specialised and endocrinology assays (Tests) for the hospital, external institutions and General Practioners.  It is also the national centre for the investigation and diagnosis of Porphyria. Over 650,000 patient samples (accounting for approx. 5.5 million tests (2011)) are processed annually. 

For information in regard to the test repertoire offered, sample types required, reference ranges and test turnaround times, please see the LabMed User Guide

Critical Phone Limits for Biochemistry

GP Information

Changes to Renin and Aldosterone Measurements July 2017 (PDF 1,151Kb)

Stability of Biochemistry Tests (PDF 199Kb)

TG and TRAB Change of Method Memo Feb2017 (PDF 959Kb)

Change of Method for Cortisol Feb2017 (PDF 1,163Kb)

Progesterone Memo (PDF 1,014Kb)

Changes in the reporting of results affected by Haemolysis, Icterus and Lipaemia (PDF 2,967Kb)

Serum Indices Interference (PDF 56Kb)

Test Add-on Notice (PDF 42Kb)

Contact Details

General Enquiries (incl.Reports) Office (01) 416 2051 / 2061 / 2016 / 2075 / 3618  
Consultant Chemical Pathologist Dr. Vivion Crowley (01) 416 2935
Chief Medical Scientist Mr. Mark Neville (01) 416 2041
Chief Medical Scientist and Porphyria Laboratory Ms. Nadia Brazil (01) 416 2058

Chief Medical Scientist Core Laboratory Ms. Aine Scanlon (01) 416 2052


Registrar/SHO   (01) 416 2047/ 3875  
On-call Laboratory (Out of hours)   Bleep 310  
Point of Care Ms. Felicity Dempsey (01) 428 4944  
Specialist Bone Biochemistry/ Vitamin D/ Gastroenterology Principal Biochemist, Dr. Martin Healy

(01) 416 2937 (lab only)
(01) 416 2022 (lab only)
(01) 410 3888 (for appointments only)
Molecular Diagnostics/
Principal Clinical Biochemist, Dr Alan Balfe (01) 4162054


Consultant Speciality (directorate) Email Telephone & fax
Dr. Vivion Crowley Consultant Chemical Pathologist (LabMed) Tel: (01) 416 2935
Nurse liaison: Tel: