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The primary focus of the Biochemistry Department is to provide a high quality diagnostic service, with a comprehensive repertoire of tests, for all laboratory users and ultimately patients. In particular, we aim to ensure that our service is clinically effective and, thus, enhances the management of patients within the broad healthcare structure. Moreover, the analytical service within this department is underpinned by robust internal quality control and external quality assurance systems. We also aim to support all national healthcare initiatives, and the department aims to promote an understanding of clinical biochemistry and its applications in the clinical arena. Finally we actively promote clinical research programmes in the realm of clinical biochemistry.

Changes to Corrected Calcium Formula and Reference Range - February 2016 (PDF 453Kb)

Serum Indices Interference Table (PDF 42Kb)

Changes in the reporting of results affected by Haemolysis, Icterus and Lipaemia (PDF 2,967Kb)

20.04.15 Changes in Service Relating to Methotrexate (PDF 740Kb)

Acid urine consent form (PDF 31Kb)

Genetic Test for Familial Hypercholesterolemia Consent Form (PDF 473Kb)

Plain 24hr Urine collection instructions (PDF 25Kb)

Acid 24hr Urine collection instructions.pdf (PDF 27Kb)

Serum Indices Interference (PDF 42Kb)