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In 2002 a consortium of hospitals, under the leadership of SJH, applied for funding from the Health Research Board (HRB) to strengthen infrastructure for cancer clinical trials within the participating institutions. The application was
successful and funding in excess of €1.7 million was received for 3 years. Funding of €1million and €750,000 was secured for 2006 and 2007 respectively. Dr John Kennedy is the Clinical Director; Professor John Reynolds is the Scientific
Director and Ms Ingrid Kiernan is the Clinical Trials Manager.

The Cancer Clinical Trials Office (CCTO) opened at SJH in 2003. Staffing numbers have increased considerably since our inception; we currently employ 7 research nurses, 3 data managers, a clinical trials pharmacist, a pharmacy technician, 2 research fellows and an office administrator.  Recruitment to trials has increased 9-fold since 2001. This is due to a number of factors; the opening of the CCTO in 2003 and our affiliation with the Irish Clinical Oncology Research Group (ICORG), whose remit is to source high quality oncology and haematology clinical trials.  St. James’s hospital is fortunate in having on-site cancer research infrastructure, with real proximity between the patient, the CCTO, and the molecular laboratories. This has facilitated the development of a translational research programme. Two research fellows are employed by the CCTO to conduct novel cancer research. Since 2003, research has been conducted into a) neo-adjuvant therapy for rectal cancer, b) the effects of chemoradiation and surgery on the coagulation cascade in oesophageal and rectal cancer and c) investigating the link between obesity and cancer.  Since 2001, 990 patients have been recruited to 68 different research trials at SJH in the areas of breast, colorectal, lung, oesophageal, melanoma, renal, pancreatic, ovarian, multiple myeloma and chronic myeloid leukaemia. 

Over the past few years we have conducted trials with most of the major pharmaceutical  companies and international co-operative groups, such as European Organisation for Research & Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), National Surgical Adjuvant Breast & Bowel Project (NSABP), Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) and Cancer International Research Group (CIRG).Since 2003, 66 SJH staff members have received GCP training, including consultants, registrars, pharmacy staff, laboratory staff, and nurses and data managers. This training is provided by ICORG. 

Clinical trials are an integral part of cancer services at SJH. It is only through such research that newer and better therapies for cancer will become available. In our experience patients are happy to participate in trials. They feel reassured by the close contact that they have with the research nurse and that they have access to the best therapies available.

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