Cancer Genetics

What we aim to provide

The service aims to provide

  • Risk assessment and screening recommendations
  • Counselling and education for patients and families
  • Diagnostic testing (A screening test for alterations within a gene where a familial mutation has not yet been identified.)
  • Predictive testing (A test for a mutation that is known to exist in a family)
  • Specific pre and post test counselling
  • Data collation and tracking
  • Collaborative participation in relevant basic/translational/clinical research


  • Referrals to the Cancer Genetics Programme are accepted within the hospital by an electronic patient record system (EPR).
  • Referrals from General Practitioners (GP) and external medical/oncological and surgical consultants are accepted for patients who may not be a St. James’s
  • All patients' initial assessments / counselling is performed by either a specialist nurse or consultant geneticist.
  • Using the information contained on the Family History Questionnaire (FHQ), the patients pedigree / family tree may be drawn and the risk for various cancers is assessed.

Cancer Genetic Consultation

  • Involves the provision of verbal and written information on  specific cancer syndromes
  • Visual aids may be used to educate the patient on cancer risk and risk reduction strategies applicable to the syndrome.
  • Patients who proceed to genetic testing  provide informed consent prior to testing 

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