Cancer Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

What we do

The CMD Laboratory is part of the LabMed Directorate at St James’s Hospital.  CMD provides a molecular testing service for the identification of genetic aberrations and the assessment of minimal residual disease (MRD) in cancer patients. For information in regards to the test repertoire offered sample types required and test turnaround times please see user guide.

The departmental opening hours are 09.30 to 17.00 hrs from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Contact Details

Postal Address:
Cancer Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory,
Central Pathology Laboratory (CPL) Building,
LabMed Directorate,
St. James's Hospital,
Dublin 8

Phone: 01-4103576 or 01-4103575
Fax:     01-4103513


Dr. Stephen Finn Histopathology (LabMed) Tel: (01) 416 2998
Fax: Nurse liaison: Tel:

Referral Procedure

A service level agreement (SLA) or referred through SJH Haematology or Histopathology clinical team.


An INAB accredited Medical Testing Laboratory, Registration Number 327MT

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