End-of-Life Care


We endeavour to provide the highest standard of end-of-life care to our patients and their families. If you would like to provide us with feedback on your experience of care at end of life in our hospital please contact:

Bettina Korn
Hospice Friendly Hospitals Program
Phone: (01) 410 3703
Email: endoflife@stjames.ie

Departments that may be relevant to you at this time

Palliative Care Services

Medical Social Work Department

Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care Department

Quality and Safety Office - for Death Notifications
Phone: (01) 416 2674

Hospital Mortuary
Phone: (01) 416 2238

Survey of Bereaved Relatives VOICES MaJam

We aim to provide the best end of life care to all of our patients and to their families. St. James's Hospital and the Mater Hospital, along with academic partners in Trinity College Dublin (TCD and University College Dublin (UCD) have carried out a survey of bereaved family members to help us understand patients’ and their families experiences of end of life care in our hospitals. We would like to sincerely thank all of the family members who took part in the survey.

The full report on the survey of bereaved relatives is attached below. 

Survey of Bereaved Relatives VOICES MaJam 2017

Contact Details

Title Name PhoneEmail  
End-Of-Life Care Coordinator 

Bettina Korn 

(01) 410 3703  endoflifecare@stjames.ie

Bereavement Care and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We wish to inform you that in the interest of providing Bereavement Care to relatives of patients who died in St. James’s Hospital, hospital staff may access the name and address of the person the deceased patient provided as their next-of-kin. Accessing of this information is undertaken in compliance with GDPR and St. James’s Hospital Privacy Policy. If you are registered as a next-of-kin and do not wish to be contacted for Bereavement Support, please contact the End-of-Life Care Coordinator (details above).

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