Endocrinology & Diabetes

What we do

The Diabetes Day Centre is supported by two Consultant Endocrinologists, Dr. Marie Louise Healy and Dr Niamh Phelan and has associated nursing and support staff. The centre provides an appointment only facility for diabetes education, clinical nutrition services, podiatry, and general support for patients and their families.

Our aim is to provide a supporting role; to provide information and motivation for people with diabetes. We also support and encourage advances in diabetes care and research.

The DDC is a very busy unit accommodating daily nurse-led, podiatry and clinical nutrition clinics. It also runs out patient clinics two/three days a week.

In addition, we offer an insulin pump service for patients with type 1 diabetes. This includes pre-pump assessments, a regular nurse-led pump clinic and a monthly outpatient clinic. This is both a local and national service.

Our Out Patients Clinic include dedicated diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 clinic as well as a young person’s clinic.
A comprehensive specialist service is provided to all patients with endocrine disorders. This service receives referrals nationally.

The diabetes service is used by our local catchment area and the insulin pump service receives referrals nationally. Approximately 6,500 patients use the services of the DDC.
Endocrinology clinics take place in the main hospital Out Patents Department (OPD) each Wednesday am and Tuesday morning in Diabetes Day Centre. Clinics include:

  • General Thyroid clinic
  • Thyroid cancer clinic
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) clinic
  • Reproductive clinic
  • Late effects clinic

A once weekly telephone thyroid clinic takes place on Thursday am.

Contact Details

Postal Address:  Diabetes Day Centre
Hospital 5
St. James’s Hospital
Dublin 8

Phone:  (01) 416 2662 / (01) 416 2661 
Fax:  (01) 410 3406

Title NamePhone Email 
Nurse Manager   (01) 410 3141  
Reception DDC   (01) 416 2661  
Dr Healy’s Secretary   (01) 416 2195 ddc@stjames.ie 
Dr Phelan’s Secretary    (01) 416 2488  
Clinical Nutrition (appointments)    (01) 416 2180  
Podiatry    (01) 416 2465   
Opthalmology Secretary   (01) 416 2245  


Endocrinology Clinic

Specialty Day Location Consultant/Contact details 
Diabetes Nurse Specialist Daily 8 am - 12.30 pm  Hospital 5 DDC Dr. M. Healy / Dr. Phelan
Foot Clinic Daily 8 am - 12.00 pm Acute referrals seen in 24hrs Hospital 5 DDC Dr. M. Healy / Dr. Phelan
Clinical Nutrition (Dietitian) Daily clinics by appointment only Hospital 5 DDC Dr. M. Healy / Dr. Phelan
Consultants Clinic Monday & Thursday 8.30 am - 12.00 pm Hospital 5 DDC Dr. M. Healy / Dr. Phelan
Endocrine Clinic Wednesday 9 am - 12.30 pm Outpatients Suite 1  Dr. M. Healy / Dr. Phelan


Consultant Speciality (directorate) Email Telephone & fax
Dr. Phelan

Endocrinology (MED)

Phelansec@stjames.ie Tel: (01) 416 2488
Fax: (01) 410 3406
Nurse liaison: C Treacy, Clinical Nurse Manager Tel: (01) 416 2662
Dr. Marie Louise Healy

Endocrinology (MED)

healysec@stjames.ie Tel: (01) 416 2195
Fax: (01) 410 3406
Nurse liaison: C Treacy, Clinical Nurse Manager Tel: (01) 416 2662

Specialist Nurses

Department Specialty Name Telephone
Endocrinology Clinical Nurse Manager   C Treacy  (01) 416 2662
  Pump Nurse Specialist   S Walsh  (01) 416 2662 
  Diabetes Nurse Specialist   J Doyle (01) 416 2662 
  Diabetes Nurse Specialist  D Delaney (01) 416 2662 
  In-patient DNS F Sellars  (01) 416 2662 
  Staff Nurse in Diabetes   A Cope (01) 416 2662 

Appointment Instructions

The centre provides an appointment only facility. Urgent appointment will be given following triage of the referral letter by the Consultant.

Please ensure blood tests are carried out prior to out patients appointments. Patients will not be seen without up to date blood results.

If un well please attend your GP/accident emergency or contact DDC for an urgent appointment (Calls will be returned in the afternoon)

Referral Procedure

We are now available to refer to through Healtlink for GP's

FAX (01) 4103406 or post into address below.

Diabetes Day Centre, Hospital 5, St James's Hospital, James'st, Dublin 8

All referrals are triaged by the Consultants


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