Endocrinology & Diabetes

The Diabetes Day Centre is situated in Hospital 5. It is a very busy unit accommodating a daily nurse-led clinic, Three Out Patent Clinics (OPD) a week, podiatry clinics four days a week, a daily dietician clinic and eye screening three days a week.

In addition we offer an insulin pump service for patients with type 1 diabetes which requires pre-pump assessments, a regular nurse-led pump clinic and a monthly outpatient clinic. This is both a local and national service.
Clinical Nutrition offer an appointment only service to patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Clinics run daily and all patients attending the DDC can be referred for an appointment.  Referrals are accepted via the EPR system. 
The Ophthalmology Department run a Diabetic Retinopathy (eye) screening service three days a week, in the DDC. This service which is by appointment only is provided to patients who live in the hospital’s catchment area.

 The Diabetes Foot service provides assessment and treatment to patients who are suffering with foot problems related to diabetes. For urgent problems patients are usually seen within 24 hours of referral. We accept referrals from anywhere within the Dublin/Mid-Leinster area

Additional monthly clinics include an outpatient’s clinic for new patients and a young person’s clinic. Group education is offered to all new patients with type 2 diabetes over 4 sessions. This educational course *(CODE) is also open to all patients with type 2 diabetes who attend the DDC.

*CODE (Community Orientated Diabetes Education) was developed by the Diabetes Federation of Ireland, is being run in the Diabetes Day Centre in St. James’s Hospital. The aim of the course is to help people manage their diabetes. It covers topics such as diabetes knowledge and management, nutrition and physical activity and self monitoring of diabetes control.

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