What we do

The Endoscopy Unit and Outpatient facility is an integral part of the MED Directorate at St. James’s Hospital. The Endoscopy Unit provides a comprehensive Diagnostic Endoscopy Service to over 18,000 patients annually.  The function of the Unit is to provide planned day care endoscopic procedures and outpatient services to patients following GP/Outpatient referral or as an Inpatient.

The service is provided in a self-contained, dedicated Day Endoscopy and Outpatient facility. Purpose built and the largest in the country, it boasts state of the art facilities and equipment incorporating the ADAM Traceability system for all endoscopes. St. James’s Endoscopy unit are proud and privileged to have an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Gastroenterology on site providing a diagnostic and therapeutic OGD and Colonoscopy service. The Endoscopy Unit has 7 fully equipped procedure rooms, 2 X-Ray screening rooms, 2 assessment areas and 16 recovery bays. The Service is supported also by a pre assessment nurse, 2 IBD nurses, 2 Colorectal Cancer Nurse Co-ordinators, Upper GI Co-ordinator and a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Gastroenterology specialising in haemochromatosis and urea breath testing.

The Unit provides day care services for the following procedures.

• Upper GI Endoscopy
• Colonoscopy
• Sigmoidoscopy
• Colorectal Cancer Screening
• Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP )
• Endoscopic Ultrasound
• Cystoscopy
• TRUS Biopsy
• Bronchoscopy
• Endobronchial Ultrasound
• Urea Breath Test
• Haemochromatosis Management

Contact Details

Title  Name  Phone  Email
Nursing Management Team      
ADON Catherine Carey 01-4103387 ccarey@stjames.ie
CNM III Charlotte Stuart 01-4103988 cstuart@stjames.ie
CNM II Jackie Blake 01-4162430 jblake@stjames.ie
CNM II Linda Finnerty 01-4162430 lfinnerty@stjames.ie
CNM II Bernie Gallagher 01-4162430 bgallagher@stjames.ie
CNM I Savitha Kuttai 01-4162430 skuttai@stjames.ie
CNM I Acting    
Clinical Facilitator Luckcy Varghese 01-4132430 lvarghese@stjames.ie
Quality Manager Margaret Taylor 01-4103887 mtaylor@stjames.ie
Endoscopy Administration Team      
Team Leader Elaine Kearney 01-4103985  

FAX 01-4103492

Surveillance   01-4162380  
Reception   01-4162109/2110  

Patient Information Leaflets

All you need to know 

Having Your OGD

Having your TRUS Prostate Biopsy

Having your Colonoscopy with Klean Prep

Having Your Colonoscopy with Moviprep (PM Appointment)

Having your Colonoscopy with Moviprep (AM Appointment)

Having your Cystoscopy

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