Energy Services

What we do

Energy Services is responsible for the secure, safe and efficient supply of utility services to the Hospital site. These include electricity, natural gas, water and steam. The steam is used for space heating and humidification, domestic hot water and to supply various Autoclaves located through the Hospital.

Energy Services operates the Combined Heat and Power Plant which provides one third of the Hospital’s electrical requirement in an energy efficient manner.

Energy Services operates a comprehensive Building management System which controls and monitors virtually all heating, chilling, air conditioning and domestic hot water plant on site. We also operate an Energy Monitoring and Targeting System which interfaces with the Building management System to give energy use data on the various buildings on site.

Contact Details

Phone:  (01) 416 2128 / 2377

Postal Address:
Energy Centre - Utilities & Energy Plant Management,
St. James’s Hospital,
James’s Street,
Dublin 8

 Title   Name  Phone  Email
Energy Services Officer  Kim Featherstone (01) 416 2128 / 2377
Boilerman Martin Smith (01) 416 2132

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