General X-ray

*** Notice ***

St. James's Hospital will suspend the walk in Chest/Trauma X-ray Service until further notice. All referrals should be forwarded to Radiology for appointment ONLY

What is General/Plain Radiography

Plain radiography or x-ray, is the original and most commonly used form of diagnostic imaging. It uses small amounts of radiation that are passed through a selected part of the body to produce an image on film. Plain radiography is commonly used in the evaluation of the chest and musculoskeletal system and when used in conjunction with contrast, the gastrointestinal and urinary systems.

The films produced by x-rays demonstrate different features of the body in various shades of grey. The grey is darkest in areas that do not absorb x-rays well and lighter in dense areas (such as bones) that absorb more of the x-rays. X-rays can be either still or moving images.

G.P Service is provided for;
    General X-Rays
    Maxillofacial X-rays
    Fluoroscopy--Barium imaging

Walk in Service
Chests:   Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.    9am-4.30pm
Potential Fractures:    Monday-Friday.          9am-4pm

All other G.P. referrals need an appointment booking.  

Appointments only from 9am-4.30pm Monday - Friday

Telephone Numbers: 01 4162700, 01 4162701

Contact Details

Monday-Friday   9am-4.30pm

Telephone Number: 01 4162700, 01 4162701



Results will be sent to your referring clinican.

G.P. results will be sent out within 5-7 working days.

Outpatients will receive results at their next outpatient appointment.


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