• Department Overview

Gynaecological Cancer

What we do

Gynaecological cancer care at St. James's Hospital provides services to patients with gynaecological cancer. Two specialist trained oncological surgeons (Ms. Noreen Gleeson and Mr. Tom D’Arcy) provide specialised joint care to all inpatients, working as an integrated department with the Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital (CWIUH). 

Gynaecological Cancer Programme-Key Points

  • Weekly multidisciplinary team meeting, were all cases are discussed
  • In 2007, St. James’s diagnosed or treated 193 new gynaecological cancers (Ref. Cancer Audit Programme, St. James’s Hospital)
  • High volume centre, with laparoscopic approaches now established within the unit
  • Colposcopic assessment of pre invasive cervical/ vulval disease in conjunction with the CWIUH
  • In 2005 RCOG (the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) approved the first ever Irish subspecialty training post in gynaecology oncology in St. James’s Hospital
  • Academic interface with the Department of Pathology at TCD.
  • Specialist medical oncologist
  • Specialist radiation oncologist
  • Gynaecological cancer data manager
  • Full time gynaecological cancer nurse co-ordinator

Contact Details

Title  Name  Phone / Fax  Email 
Secretary     (01) 416 2544 / 2239 Fax: 410 3364    
Gynaecology Cancer Nurse Co-ordinator     (01) 410 3364  Main hospital (01) 4103000 bleep 675   dmcknight@stjames.ie 
Consultant Surgeon  Dr. N. Gleeson  (01) 416 2544 Fax:(01) 410 3364  gynaesec@stjames.ie 
Consultant Surgeon Mr. T D’Arcy (01) 416 2544 / 2239 Fax: 410 3364 gynaesec@stjames.ie

Gynaecology Clinic

Specialty Day Location Consultant/Contact details
Gynaecology  Monday pm  Outpatients Suite 1  Dr. T. Darcy 
Gynaecology Tuesday am  Outpatients Suite 3  Dr. M. Anglim 
Procedure room Tuesday am Outpatients Suite 5   
Gynaecology Tuesday pm Outpatients Suite 3 
Procedure room Thursday am  Outpatients Suite 5   
Gynaecology Thursday am Outpatients Suite 2  Dr. N. Gleeson 

Appointment Instructions

New Patient Appointments: new patients requiring appointments must submit a referral from their GP / Consultant. New referrals are prioritized by a consultant surgeon and an appropriate appointment will be scheduled for the patient. Patients will be notified of their appointment date by post or by telephone.

Referral Procedure

Referrals are to be made by letter or fax, or by completing the gynaecological cancer referral form.  Copies of this form can be downloaded by clicking on the following link.

Completed referrals should be posted or faxed directly to the Department.