• Department Overview

Haematological Malignancies including Lymphomas

What we do

The unit provides a comprehensive service for haematology patients.  We diagnose and treat blood diseases, including malignancies, bleeding and thrombotic disorders, anaemias, haemoglobinopathies and haemolytic disorders. The unit includes the National Adult Bone Marrow Transplantation centre, specialising in autologous, sibling and unrelated allogeneic procedures for disorders, including the chronic and acute leukaemias, myeloma and lymphomas.

Haematological / Lymphoma Programme-Key Points

  • Weekly multidisciplinary team meeting, were all cases are discussed
  • National Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Programme since 1984
  • In 2007, St. James’s diagnosed or treated 157 new lymphomas and 110 new haematological malignancies.(Ref. Cancer Audit Programme, St. James’s Hospital)
  • Specialist clinic which follows up long term care and screening for life, of patients who have undergone bone marrow/stem cell allogenic transplant for haematological conditions.
  • Specialist medical oncologist for lymphomas
  • Specialist radiation oncologist
  • Bone marrow transplant data manager
  • Report all stem cell transplant results to the European Bone Marrow Transplant Registry (EBMT) and the International Bone Marrow Transplant Registry (IMTR)
  • Full time Bone Marrow Transplant Co-ordinators

Contact Details

Title Name Phone
Consultant Dr Emma Tuohy (01) 410 3597  
Secretary Aoife Finn  (01) 410 3597 
Nurse Specialists Edel and Noel  0879594592
Social Work Anne Winning (01) 416 2218
Physiotherapist Colm Quinn  (01) 428 4557 
Clinical Psychologist  Sharon O'Sullivan (01) 410 3457 

Haematology Clinic


Specialty Day Location Consultant/Contact details
Late Effects Clinic Monday pm Haematology / Oncology Daycare Dr. E. Vandenberghe / Dr. E. Conneally / Dr. P. Hayden
Review Clinic Tuesday am & pm  Haematology / Oncology Daycare Dr. C. Flynn / /
Counselling Clinic Tuesday pm  Haematology / Oncology Daycare /
Counselling Clinic  Thursday am Haematology / Oncology Daycare  Dr. P. Browne / Dr. P. Hayden/ 
Review Clinic Thursday am Haematology / Oncology Daycare   /
OPD Clinic  Thursday pm alternate weeks Haematology / Oncology Daycare



Treatment Clinic Monday - Friday 08.00 - 18.00 Haematology / Oncology Daycare   / / / Dr E. Conneally
Sickle cell/Thalassemia  Monday AM  Suite 6 Outpatient Department  Dr. Emma Tuohy 
Counselling Clinic   Thursday AM  Haematology/Oncology Day-care   Dr. Emma Tuohy 
Treatment Clinic  Monday, Wednesday & Friday   H&H Ward  Dr. Emma Tuohy 

Appointment Instructions

When a new out-patient appointment is made, the patient will be contacted with an appointment letter outlining the date, time and location of appointment.   All patients receive a reminder of their appointment by text message, if a mobile number has been provided.
If an urgent appointment is necessary, the patient will be contacted by phone.  All return appointments are made at reception before the patient leaves the clinic.  Rescheduled or cancelled appointments can be arranged by phoning the centre or the relevant secretary.

Referral Procedure

New referrals for haematology clinics are accepted from internal referrals at St. James’s, GP's, regional and national centres.