What we do

The Hepatology Centre provides integrated services for the treatment of all forms of liver disease. The Centre provides comprehensive care with a multi-disciplinary team.

Hepatology provides 

  • Consultant Led Out Patient Clinics
  • Nurse Led Assessment & Treatment  Clinics
  • Phlebotomy Services
  • Liver Biopsy Education and Bloods Service
  • Counselling and Education Service
  • Fibroscan Service
  • Urea Breath Testing (Fax: 01 410 3401)

Contact Details

ffPhone: (01) 4162475  (01) 4162476  (01)  4103417  (01) 4284511  (01)  4284512
Fax: (01) 410 3418

Postal address: 
Hepatology Unit,
Route 2, 
Main Hospital,
St. James’s Hospital,
Dublin 8.

Title Name PhoneEmail
Consultant Hepatologist/Gastroenterologist Prof. Susan McKiernan   (01) 4284511   
Consultant Hepatologist/Gastroenterologist  Prof. Suzanne Norris  (01) 4284512   
Secretary to Prof. Susan McKiernan Pauline Treanor  (01) 4284511  smckiernansec@stjames.ie
Secretary to Prof. Suzanne Norris Avril McDonnell (01) 4284512  norrissec@stjames.ie 
Nurse Manager/Clinical Nurse Specialist Helena Irish  (01) 4162689  
Clinical Nurse Specialist  Barbara Hynes   (01) 4284508   
Liver Transplant Liaison Nurse / Hepatitis C Nurse Clodagh Quinn  (01) 4284506         
Hepatitis C Nurse Marie McGrath  (01) 4284747         
Hepatitis C Nurse Sarah Jayne Miggin (01) 4284501  
Liver Biopsy/UBT Nurse Roisin Moran  (01) 4162688         
Reception/Appointments  Catherine Kavanagh (01) 4162475/2476         
Centre Managers Carol Ann Brogan/Sharon Buckley (01) 4103417  

Hepatology Clinic

Specialty Day Location Consultant/Contact details
Blood Clinic Monday 10.00 - 4.00 pm (Fortnightly) Hepatology Unit Nurse Led 
Liver Biopsy Blood Clinic Monday 10.00 - 4.00 pm   Hepatology Unit Nurse Led  
Urea Breath Test Monday 10.00 - 4.00 pm   Hepatology Unit Prof. S. Mc Kiernan 
Hepatitis B Clinic  Monday 9.00 - 1.00 pm fortnightly  Hepatology Unit Prof. S. Norris 
Fatty Liver Clinic Monday 09:00 1:00 pm. fortnightly Hepatology Unit Prof. S. Norris 
Nurse Led Treatment Clinic (HCV) Monday - Thursday 9.00 - 4.30 pm Hepatology Unit Nurse Led
Transplant Liaison Clinic Monday - Friday Hepatology Unit Nurse Led
General Liver Clinic Tuesday 9.00 - 1.00 pm  Hepatology Unit Prof. S. Norris 
Haemochromatosis Clinic  Wednesday  a.m. Hepatology Unit   
Blood Product Clinic  Wednesday a.m. Hepatology Unit Prof. S. Norris 
Haemophilia Clinic  Wednesday a.m. Hepatology Unit  
General  Liver/Gastroenterology Thursday a.m. Hepatology Unit Prof. S. Mc Kiernan 
Viral Clinic Thursday p.m. Hepatology Unit

Prof. S. Mc Kiernan 

Hepatitis B Clinic Thursday p.m.
(last Thursday every month)
Hepatology Unit Prof. S. Mc Kiernan 
Fibroscans Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday Hepatology Unit  / Prof. S. Mc Kiernan 
Nurse Counselling / Education Tuesday - Thursday Hepatology Unit Nurse Led 



Consultant Speciality (directorate) Email Telephone & fax
Prof. Susan Mc Kiernan

Gastroenterology & Hepatology (MED)

smckiernansec@stjames.ie Tel: 01 428 4511
Fax: 01 410 3418
Nurse liaison: Barbara, Clodagh, Marie, Helena Tel: (01) 4284506
Prof. S. Norris

Hepatology / Liver Diseases (MED)

norrissec@stjames.ie Tel: (01) 428 4512
Nurse liaison: Barbara, Clodagh, Marie, Helena Tel: (01) 428 4506

Appointment Instructions

When a new appointment is made, an appointment card will be sent to the patient. All patients receive a reminder of their appointment by text, if a mobile number has been provided.  All return appointments are made at reception before the patient leaves the clinic. Rescheduled or cancelled appointments can be arranged by phoning the centre or the relevant secretary.

Referral Procedure

Consultants review all new patient referral letters.  Referral letters are prioritised and an appropriate appointment is allocated.   Referrals are accepted from internal hospital consultants, other hospital consultants, general practitioners, addiction medical services, prison medical services, blood transfusion services board.

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