Histopathology / Cytology

What we do

The Histopathology Laboratory is part of the LabMed Directorate at St James Hospital and is one of the largest histology laboratories in the Republic of Ireland, providing a comprehensive service to the hospital itself as well as  to many outside institutuions, general practioners and other hospital nationwide.

The Department offers sub-specialised diagnostic reporting in : Gynecological, breast, lung, gastrointestinal, head and neck, dental, skin, soft tissue, haemato-lymphoid pathology and Cytopathology.  In addition the department carries out hospital and coroner directed post mortems.   It provides diagnostic opinion for patients of St James Hospital, GPs within the Eastern Region, has a large national referral service and contributes to the extensive multi disciplinary team (MDT) meeting schedule of the hospital.

The department offers several excellent diagnostic facilities including automated immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry and molecular diagnostics.

The department is accreditated by INAB ISO15189, 2012.

The Department of Histopathology at St James's Hospital has a strong reputation for post graduate training and research in histopathology.

The academic Department of Histopathology at Trinity College Dublin provides teaching to medical undergraduates in their 3rd and 4th medical years.

Research laboratories are based at St James's Hospital, AMNCH Tallaght and the Coombe Women's Hospital and offer a full range of genomic, functional genomic and proteomic facilities.

For information in regard to the test repertoire offered, sample types required,  and test turnaround times, please see the LabMed User Guide

Autopsy Information

Contact Details

Phone: (01) 416 2992 or (01) 416 2063
Fax: (01) 410 3514

Postal address:
Histopathology/Cytology  Department

Central Pathology laboratory,
LabMed Directorate,
St. James's Hospital,

James Street

Dublin 8.

Title Name PhoneEmail 
Department Office   (01) 416 2063/2992  
Cytopathology Secretary   (01) 416 2904  
Main Histopathology Laboratory   (01) 416 2033  
Cytology Laboratory   (01) 416 2905  
Head of Department, Consultant Histopathologist Dr. Niamh Leonard (01) 416 2940 nleonard@stjames.ie
Deputy Head of Dept, Consultant Histopathologist Dr. Stephen Finn (01) 416 2992  stephen.finn@tcd.ie
Head of Post Mortem Service, Consultant Histopathologist Dr. Richard Flavin (01) 416 2997 rflavin@stjames.ie
Chief Medical Scientist Mr Ronan Ward (01) 416 2983 rward@stjames.ie
Fine Needle Aspiration, Booking Request Cytology registrar (01) 416 2993  Bleep 654   
Frozen Section  Booking Request   (01) 410 2993 Bleep 856  
NCHDs Office   (01) 416 2993
(01) 428 4525
Quality Coordinator, Senior Medical Scientist Miriam Horan (01) 428 4025 mhoran@stjames.ie
Consultant Histopathologists      
Breast/Cytopathology Dr. Barabara Dunne (01) 416 2902 bdunne@stjames.ie
Gynaecological Pathology Dr. Ciarán Ó Riain (01) 416 2906  coriain@stjames.ie
Cytopathology Lead Dr. Mairéad Griffin (01) 416 2029 mgriffin@stjames.ie
Dermatopathology Dr. Mairín McMenamin (01) 416 2994 mmcmenamin@stjames.ie
Gastrointestinal Pathology Dr. Cian Muldoon (01) 416 2992 cmuldoon@stjames.ie
Respiratory/Cytopathology Dr. Siobhan Nicholson (01) 416 2903 snicholson@stjames.ie
Hepatopathology/Molecular Pathology Dr. Stephen Finn (01)416 2992  stephen.finn@tcd.ie
Urology/Respiratory Pathology Dr. Niamh Leonard (01) 416 2940  nleonard@stjames.ie
Dental/Head & Neck Pathology Dr. Mary Toner (01) 416 2987
(01) 6127314
(Dublin Dental Hospital)


Dental/Head and Neck Pathology ( Locum) Dr. Esther O Regan (01) 416 2989  eoregan@stjames.ie
Gynaecological Pathology Prof. John O'Leary (01) 8963296 olearyjj@tcd.ie
Haematopathology/Molecular Pathology Dr. Richard Flavin (01) 416 2997 rflavin@stjames.ie
Haematopathology Dr. Michael Jeffers (01) 416 2992  
Gyneacological Pathology Dr Colette Adida (01) 416 2992  
Neuropathology Dr Francesca Brett

(01) 416 2992

(01) 8093000 ( Beaumont Hospital)

Autopsy Room   (01) 416 2237  
Academic Secretary Jean Freeman (01) 8963296 jfreeman@tcd.ie



An INAB accredited Medical Testing Laboratory, Registration Number 327MT