Histopathology / Cytology

Histopathology and cytopathology request forms may be printed here

Specimen Requirements

  • All specimens must be clearly identified with full name, date of birth, date / time of collection and specimen type.
  • All request forms must include patient’s full name, date of birth, address, specimen type, relevant clinical details and SJH GP Code
  • External Institutions should use applicable MRN.
  • Histology specimens should be sent in 10% Buffered formalin.

Non Gynae cytology specimens:
See relevant Cytology Information Information here.

Transport of specimens to the laboratory
Specimens should be transported to the laboratory without delay to ensure efficient reporting.  All containers must be tightly closed and placed with the request form in a transparent hazard bag for transport to the laboratory.  It is the responsibility of the person dispatching the specimen to ensure that it is packaged correctly and does not pose a risk to anyone coming in contact with it during transport or on receipt in the laboratory.

St James's Hospital, Labmed Transportation Policy can be read here.

Prefilled Formalin containers can be ordered from Langanbach (01) 2762510.

SJH GP Code;
To apply for a SJH GP code, please contact Ms. Mary Monks at mmonks@stjames.ie with your name and practice address.  A code will be set up for you, which must be printed clearly on the request form of every specimen sent to us.  This code will ensure that all reports are posted back to the appropriate surgery.