GP Information

The medical and scientific members of the Department are very happy to discuss any issues regarding the appropriate tests to perform, how to interpret test results or possible patient management strategies with GPs or other doctors.

Please note that samples are retained in the laboratory for three days post reporting. Extra tests may be requested during this time.

Allergy Advice

The St. James's Hospital, Department of Immunology Allergy Advice Service is intended for the use of medical staff only. Unfortunately we are unable to engage in patient contact directly. This email service is being piloted in 2013. Our goals are to promote excellence in the assessment, diagnosis and management of allergic and related conditions. This will focus on ensuring appropriate and cost effective investigations with the institution of timely community based management strategies. The Irish Food Allergy Network will be launching their website shortly with comprehensive guidelines on allergy testing. In the meantime IFAN guidelines on paediatric food allergy are included below. The following link may be accessed for allergy education

For Allergy Advice, please complete the GP allergy advice request form below and email us at

Allergy Advice Request Form (PDF 97Kb)

GP Information re Allergy (PDF 13Kb)