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About this site

Welcome to the information page for the mental health service in Dublin South Central. This site is an information area for service-users, carers and General Practitioners who would like to know more about our service. It tells you about the areas of Dublin that our service covers and how to access the service in your area. This site tells you about the location of community and inpatient services.  

This page has also been designed by us to give you helpful links to support you in managing your mental health.

About Us

Dublin South Central Mental Health Service is a public service run by the HSE. The mental health team you attend will be based on where you live, we aim to provide a service in the community that is local to you. The majority of the mental health services in Dublin South Central are located in the community.

There are 3 sectors of Dublin that we cover:

camac sector

Inpatient Service:

Our inpatient service is based in the Jonathan Swift Clinic here in the St James’s Hospital. We do our best to treat your mental health in the community and it is rare that you will need to come into hospital. People usually come into hospital by choice.

In the inpatient service we have 2 wards for adults aged 18-65 years. These are called Fownes and Beckett ward. If you are over 65 you will be admitted to a ward called Connolly Norman Ward.

Community mental health teams provide services in out-patient clinics, day hospitals and day centres

How can I access Dublin South Central mental health service?

To access our service, you must be in contact with or seeing your GP.  If your GP thinks it is suitable, they will refer you to our mental health service. This usually happens if you have not responded to the medication or treatment the GP has offered you for your illness or if you have complex mental health needs.

In an emergency, we advise that you go to your nearest A&E department and they will tell how to access the right service and support.  The doctor in A&E may refer you to your local community mental health team.

Once your GP writes your referral letter, you will be offered an appointment with the community health team, usually you will be sent an appointment to see a Consultant Psychiatrist first.  It can take time to get the appointment.  Depending  on your needs, the doctor may also invite you to see other professionals on the community team. Please refer to section below

What happens when I am referred to the mental health service?

The referral pathway for the mental health service is show below

referral link

Tabacco Free Campus