Maintenance Department (see Technical Services Department)

Mammography and Breast Imaging, Mammos (see Diagnostic Imaging)

Materials Management, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Inventory Management, Logistics

Maxillofacial Unit, Maxillofacial Laboratory (see National Maxillofacial Unit)

Medical Illustration

Medical Oncology

Medical Physics & Bioengineering, MPBE

Medical Workforce Unit, Medical Personnel, Medical Administration

Medicine for the Elderly, MedEl Directorate see also Mercers Institute for Successful Ageing

Medicines Information Centre, National Medicines Information Centre, NMIC

Mercers Institute for Successful Ageing

Microbiology Laboratory

MPBE (see Medical Physics & Bioengineering)

MRI Scanning, MRI, MR (see Diagnostic Imaging)

MRSA (see National MRSA Reference Laboratory)

MSW (see Social Work)

Multidisciplinary Cancer Teams (see Cancer Centre)

Multiple Sclerosis

Tabacco Free Campus