Materials Management

Department in Depth

Materials Management Department is divided  into the following sections:

Operations Management
Clinical Procurement 
National Supplies Vocabulary (NSV) Coding

The Department is responsible for the procurement of goods and services for the Hospital (excluding Planning and Commissioning, Pharmacy, Blood products, and Medical Physics Bioengineering) in accordance with EU procurement directives, government guidelines and internal policies and procedures. The role of the Materials Management Department is to:

  • Ensure compliance with National/EU procurement guidelines and regulations by establishing and maintaining polices that pertain to procurement law
  • The Department adheres to National EU procurement directives, thus ensuring that procurement is dealt with in a fair open and transparent manner.
  • Employ best commercial practice in procurement thus ensuring that the basic principle of lowest ultimate cost with minimum risk is applied to all purchasing decisions
  • Develop and maintain appropriate stock management practices and procedures
  • Provide a customer-orientated purchasing and supply service to users
  • Engage in performance monitoring of all key elements of Materials Management including taking corrective action where appropriate