Medical Oncology

What we do

The Department of Medical Oncology provides a comprehensive medical (non-surgical) service for patients with cancer. Each patient with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of cancer has his/her case discussed at a multidisciplinary team meeting, where an individual treatment plan is agreed. Services provides inlcudes inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy, non-surgical treatment of cancer and supportive and palliative care. A patient may also be eligible to take part in a clinical trial of a new cancer treatment. All patients have access to an oncology liaison Nurse who will provide information and advice.

Contact Details

Phone: Haematology/Oncology Daycare Reception (01) 416 2168
Fax: (01) 410 3428

Postal address:
Haematology/Oncology Day Care Centre,
St. James’s Hospital,
Dublin 8

Title  Name PhoneEmail 
Haem/Onc Day Care Centre Reception    (01) 416 2168    
Oncology Day Ward    (01) 410 3972 / 3479    
Donal Hollywood Ward   (01) 410 3606 / 7   
Consultant Medical Oncologist Dr. Sinead Cuffe (01) 410 3545
Secretary to Dr. Cuffe   (01) 410 3545
Consultant Medical Oncologist Prof. John Kennedy (01) 416 2169
Secretary to Prof. Kennedy   (01) 416 2169
Consultant Medical Oncologist Dr. Dearbhaile O Donnell (01) 416 2165
Secretary to Dr. D. O Donnell   (01) 416 2165
Consultant Medical Oncologist Dr. Cliona Grant (01) 416 2164
Secretary to Dr. C. Grant   (01) 416 2164  
Consultant Medical Oncologist Dr. Fergal Kelleher (01) 4103545
Consultant Medical Oncologist Prof. Maeve Lowery (01) 8963277
Secretary to Prof. M. Lowery   (01) 4103545  
Oncology Liaison Nurse Anne Campbell  (01) 410 3000 Bleep 433
Oncology Liaison Nurse Therese Harvey (01) 410 3000 Bleep 259
Oncology Liaison Nurse Norma O Riordan (01) 410 3000 Bleep 669
Chemotherapy Nurse Specialist   (01) 410 3000 Bleep 444  
Oncology Liaison Nurse Antonia Tierney (01) 410 3000 Bleep  444   
Lead Cancer Nurse Catherine O Brien (01) 410 3000 Bleep 444   
Oncology Social Worker   (01) 410 3000 Bleep 125  
Oncology Social Worker   (01) 410 3000 Bleep 164  
 Consultant Oncologist (Medical Genetics) Prof. David Gallagher (01) 4103759/3714
Cancer Genetics Nurse Amy Nolan (01) 4284652  
Cancer Genetics Nurse Roisin Clarke (01) 4284739  
Cancer Genetics Nurse Carmel Nolan (01) 4284652  
Cancer Genetics Nurse Eileen Berkeley (01) 4284765  
Cancer Genetics Research Nurse Emily O'Donovan (01) 4103001  
Cancer Clinical Trials Office  Ingrid Kiernan (01) 410 3752   

Oncology Clinic

Specialty Day Location Consultant/Contact details
Oncology  Monday am  Haematology/Oncology Daycare Dr. S. Cuffe/ Dr. C.Grant Prof. M. Lowery
Oncology Tuesday am  Outpatients Suite 6
Oncology Wednesday am  Haematology/Oncology Daycare  Dr. J. Kennedy / Dr. D. O Donnell
Oncology Wednesday pm Haematology/Oncology Daycare Dr. S. Cuffe/ Dr. C.Grant
Oncology Thursday am Outpatients Suite 1 Dr. J. Kennedy / Dr. D. O Donnell
Oncology Friday am  Outpatients Suite 6  Prof. M. Lowery
Oncology Friday am Haematology/Oncology Daycare 
Oncology Treatment Clinics Monday - Friday 8.00 - 18.00 Haematology/Oncology Daycare   Dr. J. Kennedy / Dr. D. O Donnell /Dr. S. Cuffe/ Dr. C.Grant

Appointment Instructions

When a new Out-patient patient appointment is made, the patient will be contacted with an appointment card outlining the date, time and location of appointment.   All patients receive a reminder of their appointment by text message, if a mobile number has been provided.

If an urgent appointment is necessary, the patient will be contacted by phone by one of the liaison team.

All return appointments are made at reception before the patient leaves the clinic.  Rescheduled or cancelled appointments can be arranged by phoning the Centre or the relevant secretary.

Referral Procedure

New referrals for Oncology clinics are accepted from internal referrals from St. James’s, regional and national centres.

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