Medical Physics & Bioengineering

How to get here

The Medical Physics & Bioengineering (MPBE) Department is located in Hospital 1, on the middle floor (1st floor). Hospital 1 is in a standalone building and not in the Main Hospital building.

  • If travelling to the MPBE Department from James's Street entrance to the hospital, proceed past the James’s Luas stop and continue along the main road as it veers to the right.
  • The 1st large grey 3-story building to the left of the main road consists of Hospital 2 and Hospital 1. MPBE is in Hospital 1 - to the right hand side of this building.
  • Do not use the automatic glass doors at the centre of the building but continue along the footpath past the automatic glass doors, and there is a blue door to your left which is facing the main road with a sign over it reading “Hospital 1” along with a list of departments within, including MPBE. Enter these blue doors.
  • The stairs are located just to the right inside these doors. The stairs take you to the 1st floor of Hospital 1.
  • At the top of the stairs on the 1st floor, enter through double doors and the MPBE Dept reception is to the right.

Additional workshops and offices are located close to the clinical care areas as appropriate.

A photograph of the location and detailed directions are available by clicking on the red arrow.