Medicine for the Elderly

What we do

Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing at St. James’s Hospital is a state-of-the-art-facility housing the department of Medicine for the Elderly in St. James' Hospital, offering integrated clinical services within a hub carrying out world-leading research in ageing.

The Institute promotes coordinated patient-centred care, coupled with far-reaching educational and training programmes. Responding to the need for innovation in the delivery of services for Ireland’s ageing population, the Institute:

• Provides early diagnostic and rapid access care clinics, along with inpatient acute assessment, rehabilitation, and continuing care units;
• Delivers innovative research and develops technologies with industry partners to advance healthy life-years;
• Serves as a local resource to the surrounding community, while offering Ireland a national centre for successful ageing.

Specialised clinics have been established in the following areas:

• Bone Health & Osteoporosis Tel: (01) 416 2370
• Fall & Syncope (FASU) Tel: (01) 428 4105
• Memory Clinic Tel: (01) 416 2640
• Neurovascular Service Tel: (01) 428 4108
• Outpatients Clinic Tel: (01) 416 2104

For more information about Mercer's Institute for Successful Ageing please visit out website here.

Contact Details

MedEl Directorate Offices
Phone: (01) 416 2603 / (01) 428 4221

Postal address: 
Mercer's Institute for Successful Ageing
St. James’s Hospital
James Street
Dublin 8

Title  Name Phone  Email
Clinical Director  Dr. Conal Cunningham (01) 416 2616
Operations Manager  Carol Murphy   (01) 416 2614 
Assistant Director of Nursing Joe Donlon (01) 416 2262 
Directorate Services Manager Judy Oxley (01) 416 2603

Medicine for the Elderly Clinic

Specialty Day Location Consultant/Contact details 
General Outpatient Clinic Monday pm MISA (ground floor)
  Tuesday pm  MISA (ground floor)  Dr. C. Cunningham
  Wednesday pm  MISA (ground floor)
Warfarin Titration Clinic Thursday MISA (ground floor)  Clinical Nurse Manager
Neurovascular clinic – Stroke Service Daily  MISA (ground floor)  Dr. J. Harbison
Bone Treatment Clinic Friday am MISA (ground floor) 
Dexa Service Monday - Friday MISA (ground floor)   
Memory Clinic Monday - Friday MISA (ground floor)  Dr, D. Robinson /Dr. K Carroll /Prof. Lawlor /Dr.C Cunningham
Falls & Syncope Clinic Monday - Friday MISA (ground floor) Prof R.A. Kenny /Dr.C Cunningham

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