National Maxillofacial Unit

GP Information

The National Maxillofacial Unit is not a dental unit and cannot provide routine dentistry for patients.

The Unit is a Secondary and Tertiary level service for oral / head and neck cancer, cleft lip and palate, facial and craniofacial deformities, TMJ pathology and facial trauma.

Patients with suspected oral / mouth cancer should be immediately referred by letter and phone to the National Maxillofacial Unit.  Please contact the Maxillofacial Registrar on-call or Professor Stassen by phone.

Clinical Symptoms / Signs

  • Ulcer in mouth (tongue / floor of mouth) > 2 weeks
  • Lump in neck, salivary gland > 2 weeks especially hard, multiple in somebody > 45 years
  • Unexplained facial numbness
  • Unexplained limited mouth opening and otalgia with normal otoscopy
  • White / Red patch in mouth (leukoplakia / erythroplakia)
  • Unexplained bleeding / loose teeth / facial pain
  • Something that you are concerned about.