National Medicines Information Centre

Department in Depth

The primary function of the NMIC involves enquiry answering. We are in a position to provide independent information and advice to healthcare professionals in primary and secondary care, particularly general practitioners and community pharmacists, on all aspects of the therapeutic use of medicines. Topics include:

  • Indications, contraindications and dosage for specific drugs
  • Drug interactions and adverse effects
  • Drug use in pregnancy, lactation, liver and renal impairment
  • Identification of medicines
  • Information on sourcing of medicines

Information is provided both in direct response to requests for assistance and also in the form of bulletins and newsletters. The NMIC is equipped with a wide range of resources including medical and pharmaceutical textbooks, journals and computerised databases. Healthcare professionals are welcome to visit the centre and avail of these resources following prior notification to the centre's staff.

NMIC bulletins are published approximately every two months and the newsletter Therapeutics Today is published monthly. NMIC publications are available to healthcare professionals by email or online.

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