Nursing Practice Development Unit

What we do

The Nursing Practice Development Unit (NPDU) strives to promote best possible practice in nursing care, evaluates and supports nursing practice and nursing practice development issues, co-ordinates a network of communication for all nursing developments and promotes audit and research development. Much of the practice development work is done through various committees / working groups and the drafting and implementation of policies/protocols/guidelines (PPGs) and competencies. In addition to ongoing practice development work, the NPDU is responsible for co-ordinating the practice components of the BSc nursing undergraduate degree programme (Theoretical component is provided by Trinity College Dublin (TCD). St James’s Hospital has an average annual intake of 85 nursing students and the Clinical Placement Co-ordinators, Student Allocation Liaison Officer and Nursing Practice Development Coordinator link closely with relevant staff from the School of Nursing and Midwifery, TCD in the co-ordination, evaluation and ongoing development of the BSc Nursing undergraduate degree programme and promotion of an optimal Clinical Learning Environment. Clinical support at ward level is provided by the Clinical Support Nurses. Audit and research advice, support and expertise is provided to both NPDU and clinical staff by the Nursing Quality Coordinator.

Contact Details

Phone:  (01) 428 4604
Fax:  (01) 410 3412

Postal address:
Nursing Practice Development Unit,
Nursing Administration,
1st floor CEO Building,
St. James’s Hospital,
Dublin 8. 





Nursing Practice Development Coordinator

Val O'Brien

(01) 410 3453

Nursing Quality Coordinator  

Julie O'Grady

(01) 428 4601

Nursing Practice Development Facilitator (Interim)

Silvia Vijay

 (01) 416 2406

Falls Management Coordinator

Siobhàn Part

 (01) 4284282

Clinical Placement Coordinators

Sara Paul

Aoife Moran (0.5 WTE)

Amy Wilkinson

Comfort Famuyibo

Savitha Antony

Omana Vincent

Ashitha Bhaskaran

Suasan Thomas

(01) 410 3687

(01) 428 4613

(01) 428 4618

(01) 428 4608

(01) 410 3658

(01) 410 3687

(01) 4284613

(01) 4284613  

Student Allocation Liaison Officer

Elaine Kennedy

(01) 410 3724

Clinical Support Nurse (0.5 WTE)

Orla Cleary

(01) 416 2542

Clinical Support Nurse

Miriam Deering

 (01) 416 2706

Clinical Support Nurse (MedEl)

Archana D'Souza

 (01) 4162542

Clinical Support Nurse (0.5 WTE)

Melissa Meally

 (01) 4162542   

Clinical Support Nurse (Adaptation & Special Projects)

Anila Vikrama Kumar

(01) 416 2706  

Tissue Viability Nurse

 Brid Lynch

Leonie Mahon

(01) 416 2267 

(01) 416 2267

Pressure Ulcer To Zero Nurse Lead

Ros O Connor

(01) 410 3724

NPDU Clerical Support

Carol Sommerville

 (01) 428 4604


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