Occupational Therapy

Department in Depth


Currently there are 25.25 whole time equivalent occupational therapists and 3 whole-time equivalent occupational therapy assistants employed in St. James's Hospital.
There are also 1.5 Clerical Officers and two Sessional Workers providing art therapy and music therapy within the Medicine for the Elderly (MedEl) Directorate.


The Occupational Therapy Department offers excellent rotational posts for basic grade occupational therapists. Each rotation is of six-month duration and enables therapists to develop their skills in a number of clinical areas.


The Occupational Therapy Department also takes an active role in training Occupational Therapy students, and has close links with the School of Occupational Therapy, Trinity College Dublin (TCD), which is based here on site in the Trinity Health Science faculty. The post of Practice Tutor joined the department with a remit to facilitate the Practice Educators in the department with a throughput of 12 Trinity College Occupational Therapy students per academic year.

Departmental Services

The Occupational Therapy Department delivers services via 3 teams, providing a comprehensive service to all parts of the hospital including inpatients and outpatients. The 3 teams are;

  1. Medicine for the Elderly (MedEl)
  2. Acute General Medicine & Surgery
  3. Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit

Medicine for the Elderly: The Occupational Therapy Service continues to be patient-centred and dynamic in its approach to rehabilitation. We aim to enable elderly persons carry out their roles in self-care, work and leisure with dignity and independence and thus maintain their position as respected senior citizens.

Acute General Medicine & Surgery: The Occupational Therapists cover a number of specialities, working closely with the multidisciplinary team to provide comprehensive rehabilitation and discharge planning for the patient. Specialities include Orthopaedics, Vascular Medicine, Rheumatology, Oncology & Haematology, Cardiac & Respiratory, Acute Stroke, the Acute Medical Admissions Unit (AMAU) and the Emergency Department.

Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit: The Occupational Therapists manage upper limb injuries, and run 3 Therapy Led Clinics in conjunction with the Physiotherapy team. The clinic provides a holistic approach to patient management, simplifies the patient journey and leaves Consultants with more time to see patients. Occupational Therapy also provides a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient service to the National Burns unit.   

The national service for adults and adolescents with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is based in St. James's Hospital. The Occupational Therapist will complete inpatient assessments and will complete outreach visits nationwide.