Department in Depth

The Planning & Commissioning Department implements the overall Development control Plan for the hospital.  The departmental responsibilities include:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Supervision of Construction
  • Project Management
  • Decanting
  • Commissioning
  • Equipping
  • Staffing
  • Operational Systems
  • Health & Safety Policies

Outline Development Control Plan


Design Team (PDF 139Kb)

Executive Summary (PDF 11,191Kb)

Schedule of Accomodation (PDF 988Kb)

Existing Site Conditions (PDF 22,926Kb)

Options Development (PDF 27,486Kb)

Development Preferred Option (PDF 28,612Kb)

Car Parking & Access (PDF 781Kb)

Engineering Services (PDF 828Kb)

Civil & Structural (PDF 429Kb)

Geo-environmental (PDF 350Kb)

Fire Engineering (PDF 165Kb)

Energy Sustainability (PDF 754Kb)

Environmental (PDF 169Kb)

Acoustics (PDF 166Kb)

Construction Methodology (PDF 174Kb)

Health & Safety (PDF 169Kb)

Facilities Management Strategy (PDF 675Kb)

Consultation with Statutory Bodies (PDF 466Kb)

Design & Construction Programme (PDF 924Kb)

Costing (PDF 1,723Kb)

Appendix 1. Existing Conditions & Requirements (PDF 3,217Kb)

Appendix 2. Architectural Drawings (PDF 32,271Kb)

Appendix 3. Schedule of Existing Record Drawings used for Development of ODCP (PDF 259Kb)

Appendix 4.1 Drawings for Existing Electrical System (PDF 22,815Kb)

Appendix 4.2 Drawings for Existing Electrical System (Continued) (PDF 30,622Kb)

Appendix 4.3 Drawings for Existing Electrical System (Continued) (PDF 31,952Kb)

Appendix 4.4 Drawings for Existing Electrical System (Continued) (PDF 31,927Kb)

Appendix 4.5 Drawings for Existing Electrical System (Continued) (PDF 24,889Kb)

Appendix 5. Electrical Load Assessment (PDF 204Kb)

Appendix 6. Development Phasing - Parking Provision (PDF 355Kb)

Appendix 7. Infrastructure Matrix (PDF 3,241Kb)

Appendix 8. Risk Review (PDF 853Kb)

Appendix 9. Utility Drawings and Correspondence (PDF 8,359Kb)