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According to the National Cancer Registry, cancer causes around 7,500 deaths each year in Ireland which translates into one-quarter of all deaths every year. The total number of cancers is predicted to increase from 27,000 to 42/43000 by 2020. With an average of about 27,023 new cases of cancer recorded annually. Ireland currently has a higher mortality from cancer than the average for EU countries.  (National Cancer Registry –  Prevention and early detection of cancer means better and easier treatment.  Health education is key to promote early detection.


The Regional Oncology Communications and Health Promotions area of ROPO has developed, created and project managed the following initiatives with a view to supporting health education, develop service improvement and advocacy. To find out more about these projects please see links below.


The Guidelines function was taken by the HSE-NCCP and so the remaining function in the Regional Oncology Programme Office is that of the Regional Oncology Communication and Health Promotion as defined: ‘Health Communication and Health Promotion involves a combination of Health Education, Service Improvement and Advocacy.’

Health Education (PDF 2,341Kb)

Health Promotions - Information, Education and Awareness (PDF 1,952Kb)

Service Improvement - Information, Promotion and Fundraising (PDF 2,454Kb)

Service Improvement - Strategic (PDF 2,286Kb)


The Regional Oncology Programme Office created a strategy for managed control networks: 

  • It has supported the development of the cancer nurse co-ordinators across the region. 
  • It developed the first 11 site specific regional GP cancer referral guidelines. 
  • It created a communication platform developing educational events and seminars such as the International Cancer Conference, the All Ireland Nursing Conference in Breast Care, the Adolescent cancer conference, fundraising initiatives in Breast Care and Prostate cancer and assisted the developments in breast care in both major hospitals in the region.  
  • It enabled the clinical audit programme to exist. 
  • It also developed cancer health promotion informational leaflets in skin, psycho-oncology and palliative care. 
  • It supported the development of patient information DVDs in cancer related fatigue, oesophageal cancer and palliative care.  
  • Working with Dublin City Council it developed three major campaigns on cancer awareness and prevention in the community called Your Health is Your Wealth.
  • The Regional Oncology Communications and Health Promotions Officer project managed and was instrumental in the successful bid for the radiation centre for the Eastern Region now located at St. James’s Hospital making St. James’s Hospital one of the largest cancer services providers in the country.