What we do

The Rheumatology Dept. is supported by one full-time consultant (Prof. Cunnane) and 2 half-time job-sharing Consultant Rheumatologists, Dr. Doran and Dr. O’Shea, and has associated nursing and support staff.

The specialty of rheumatology involves the diagnosis and management of a broad range of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, in addition to a number of systemic autoimmune disorders.

An important function of the Rheumatology Department is to provide early diagnosis and treatment for patients with inflammatory arthritis, and the Early Arthritis Clinic was established for this purpose. We also focus on secondary prevention of the complications of chronic inflammation, with the aim of improving the outcome for patients with these conditions.

The department of Rheumatology also provides a consult service for inpatients in St. James’s Hospital, and we participate in the on-call rota for General/Acute Medicine for the hospital on a 1 in 9 basis.

We also support and encourage advances in rheumatology-related care and research.

Contact Details

Fax:  (01) 4284170

Postal Address
Department of Rheumatology,
Robert Mayne Day Hospital, 
Behind Hospital 4,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             St. James’s Hospital.

Title Name Phone Email 
Consultant Rheumatologist  Prof. G. Cunnane  (01) 4162552  cunnanesec@stjames.ie 
Consultant Rheumatologist  Dr. M. Doran   (01) 4162551 doransec@stjames.ie
Consultant Rheumatologist   Dr. B. O’Shea       (01) 4162551  doransec@stjames.ie 

We run 5 consultant-led outpatient clinics per week, in addition to 4 nurse-led clinics.

Rheumatology Clinic

Specialty DayLocation Consultant/Contact details
Rheumatology  Monday am Outpatients Suite 1 Prof. G. Cunnane
Rheumatology Tuesday am  Outpatients Suite 1 Prof. Cunnane / Dr. Doran /  Dr. O’Shea (alternate weeks)
Rheumatology Friday am Outpatients Suite 6 Dr. M. Doran / Dr. F O Shea alternate weeks
Procedure clinic Thursday am  Rheumatology Day Centre Prof. Cunnane / Dr. Doran /  Dr. O Shea (alternate weeks)
Early arthritis clinic  Wednesday pm Rheumatology Day Centre Prof. Cunnane / Dr. Doran /  Dr. O Shea (alternate weeks)
Ankylosing spondylitis clinic  Wednesday pm Rheumatology Day Centre  Prof. Cunnane / Dr. Doran /  Dr. O Shea (alternate weeks)
Rheumatology Nurse Specialist clincs Tuesday am   Outpatients Suite 2  


Appointment Instructions

Please attend at the appointed time and always bring a full list of your medications to every visit.

Referral Procedures

A letter from the patient’s GP is required and should be forwarded to:

Rheumatology Department, Robert Mayne Day Hospital,                                                                                                                                                                                                  Behind Hospital 4
St. James's Hospital
James's Street
Dublin 8


Fax (01) 4284170

For patients with suspected new onset inflammatory arthritis, please use the National Early Arthritis Referral form, available from www.isr.ie

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