Technical Services Department

Technical Services Department (TSD)

TSD is responsible for the maintenance and repair of property, plant and all non medical equipment within SJH. TSD last year responded to 17818 repair calls, 1724 emergency repair works & 1373 PPM jobs. In addition to the maintenance and repair TSD also specifies and manages specialized maintenance and replacement contracts.
The maintenance and repair programs cover a site 63 acres in size with over 4500 staff and more than 7700 assets.
In order to manage the work a team of over 60 dedicated staff are employed with varying skill sets, (Clerical, Craft, Engineering & Financial) to respond to both emergency and planned work.  TSD has responsibility for the procurement and supervision of all minor works projects within the hospital.


Open 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Ext 3348.
The help desk records information and issues work requests to Service Officers, who prioritize the request and assign personnel.


Out side normal hours, each craft has personnel on a rota of on call. The on call is an emergency response, with a one hour response time.


Impact is the system used by TSD to track and prompt when scheduled maintenance is required for an asset. All new assets get registered with a unique tag and it’s at this point a schedule of maintenance is set up within Impact Software system.


At the end of each year TSD plans the following year’s asset replacement and upgrade programs. Asset replacement is planned around new legislation, advances in technology, energy conservation programs and age of asset.