Transfusion Medicine

What we do

The Transfusion Medicine Department is part of the Laboratory Medicine Directorate in St. James’s Hospital and provides Blood and Blood Products for hospital in-patients. We also perform blood tests including ABO / Rh typing, Antibody screens, Direct Coombs Tests and cold agglutinin screens. We operate 24 hours a day with an on-call service outside of routine hours.

For information in regard to the test repertoire offered, sample types required, reference ranges and test turnaround times, please see the LabMed User Guide

Contact Details


Title Name PhoneEmail 
Chief Medical Scientist  Ann Marie McCann  (01) 410 3571
Quality Co-ordinator Sarah Murphy  (01) 428 4234

Haemovigilance Officer Deirdre Gough  (01) 416 2952
Consultant in Transfusion Medicine

Dr Diarmaid O’ Donghaile

Routine hours:       (01) 416 2945/2958

24 hr Clinical Advice  Consultant in Transfusion Medicine/ Consultant Haematologist

Routine hours:       (01) 416 2945/2958

Out-of-hours: Switchboard 


Routine Laboratory   (01) 416 2945/2958

Blood Trans Accred

An INAB accredited medical testing laboratory Reg No 204MT

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