Tuberculosis (TB) Service


What is TB?

TB is an infection caused by bacteria. The most common place to have TB is in the lungs, but it can occur anywhere in the body. TB infection may be active or latent. In active TB the disease is alive and the person will have symptoms. In Latent TB the disease is asleep and the person has no symptoms. TB can be cured.

What we do

The TB Service was established in St. James’s Hospital in 2004.  A multi-disciplinary team comprising of Consultant Respiratory Physicians, Registrar, TB Clinical Nurse Specialist, Senior Pharmacist, Public Health Doctors and Nurses, and administration staff work together.  Their aim is to ensure patients are seen efficiently, receive the appropriate TB investigations and treatment and support the patients to enable completion of treatment. Most patients with TB are treated as an outpatient.

Patient Booklets

There are three types of TB clinics in St. James’s Hospital:

1. Prof Keane and Dr McLaughlin’s TB clinic.  People with potential or confirmed active TB attend this clinic for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of TB disease. Also people with possible or confirmed Latent TB attend this clinic.

2. Nurse Led Latent TB Clinic. People attend this clinic for treatment of their Latent TB.

3. Contact Tracing Clinic. This is provided by Public Health doctors and nurses.  Those that are known contacts of people with TB disease attend this clinic for screening and appropriate management of Latent Tuberculosis.

Contact Details

For clinic appointments
Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm
TB Secretary
Elaine Lynch

01 4103920
Fax: 01 4103765
For medication related enquiries
Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
TB Pharmacist
Colm McDonald
01 4103000 bleep 306
To talk to your TB Nurse
Monday to Friday 7.30am - 4pm
TB Clinical Nurse Specialist
Lorraine Dolan
01 4284716      
01 4103000 bleep 095
Public Health TB Contact Tracing Clinic  
Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm Secretary
Sandra Brady 
01 4103765

Tuberculosis Clinic

SpecialityDayLocationConsultant/Contact details
Active TB Clinic & Latent TB Clinic Thursday pm Suite 1 Outpatient Department  Prof Keane
Dr Mc Laughlin
Nurse Led Latent TB Clinic Wednesday pm
(2nd & 4th of every month)
Suite 1 Outpatient Department Prof Keane
Dr Mc Laughlin
Public Health  TB Contact TracingClinic  Monday pm
Thursday pm
Suite 3 Outpatient Department Dr Emer Donohue


Consultant Speciality (directorate) Email Telephone & fax
Prof. J. Keane

Respiratory (MED) Tel: (01) 410 3920
Fax: (01) 410 3765
Nurse liaison: Tel:
Dr. Anne-Marie Mc Laughlin

Respiratory (MED) Tel: (01) 410 3920
Fax: (01) 410 3765
Nurse liaison: Tel:

Appointment Instructions

Contact Tracing /Public Health Clinic
TB is a notifiable infectious disease. When a physician makes a new TB diagnosis he /she will inform the Medical Officer of Health in the appropriate Department of Public Health. Department of Public Health will liaise with the treating physician and arrange for the appropriate contract tracing to be carried out. They will send appointments to the relevant contacts, and arrange for treatment and follow up of those contacts.  Notification forms are available to download at:,912,en.pdf

Active TB Clinic/ Latent TB clinic
Patients with TB symptoms or for diagnosis of Latent TB can be referred directly to the TB clinic by GP or hospital medical teams. GP referral letters should be sent or faxed to Elain Lynch, Prof Keane / Dr McLaughlin secretary, Respiratory Dept, Med Directorate St. James’s Hospital, Dublin 8. Tel: 01 4103920, Fax: 01 4103765.  Hospital referrals can be made through the TB Registrar bleep 226. A referral letter must be available in the patient’s medical notes prior to attendance at TB clinic.

Inpatient Service
There are three Negative Pressure (Isolation) rooms in Hospital 5 Unit 2, which are dedicated to the TB service. These are primarily used for patients with TB that require a long stay in hospital. In addition, similarly equipped Isolation Rooms throughout the hospital are utilised by the service. The majority of patients with TB are not admitted under the TB team, however the TB team does consult on the TB in-patients and all patients with TB are followed up in the TB outpatient clinic.

Further Information

For more detailed information, leaflets and video clips for people with TB and their relatives see Deparment in Depth

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