• Department Overview

Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer

What we do

The upper gastrointestinal cancer team at St. James’s Hospital treated or diagnosed 200 patients with oesophageal or gastric cancer in  2007. (Ref.  Cancer Audit Programme, St. James’s Hospital)

Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Programme-Key Points

  • Rapid access oesophageal clinic.  All patients referred are seen within one week.
  • Well developed MDT model Specialist Medical gastroenterologist in endoscopic ultrasound, radiofreqency ablation and endoscopic mucosal resection.
  • High volume centre for all complex surgeries, including two and three stage resections, transhiatal oesophagectomy  and minimally invasive approaches
  • Defined link with St. Lukes’s hospital
  • Integrated perioperative care pathway defined and implemented.
  • Audit data published internationally and consistent with consistent with benchmarks from leading centres in Europe and North America
  • Consultant medical oncologist
  • Consultant radiation oncologist
  • Upper gastrointestinal cancer nurse co-ordinator
  • Upper gastrointestinal data manager
  • Specialist pathologist
  • Specialist radiologist
  • MDT co-ordinator
  • High percentage of patients in translational clinical trials or studies

Contact Details

Upper GI Cancer Central Office, Department of Surgery, Trinity Health Science Building, St James's Hospital, Dublin 8.

Urgent Referral Fax: (01) 454 6534
Tel: (01) 410 3000 

TitleNamePhone / Fax
Specialty Upper GI Consultants  Professor John Reynolds  (01) 410 3595 
Specialty Upper GI Consultants   Dr Dermot O’Toole  (01) 410 3452   
Upper GI Cancer Nurse Co-ordinator   (01) 410 3000 bleep 296, direct line: (01) 416 2650
Rapid Access Oesophageal Clinic   Urgent Referral Fax: (01) 454 6534 (held every two weeks) for patients with new onset dysphagia or if GP is concerned about cancer.  
Barrett’s Clinic   Fax: (01) 410 3461 (held every two weeks)

Appointment Instructions

New Patient Appointments: new patients requiring appointments must submit a referral from their GP / Consultant. New referrals are prioritized by a consultant surgeon and an appropriate appointment will be scheduled for the patient. Patients will be notified of their appointment date by post or by telephone.
Return Patient Appointments can be made at the time of attendance at the clinic or by calling:

Referral Procedure

Referrals are to be made by letter or fax.

Electronic referrals can be made using Healthlink.  GPs need to be registered users to avail of this service.  Please go to the following webpage for more information.  www.healthlink.ie