William Stokes Postgrad Centre

Department in Depth

The William Stokes Post Graduate Centre provides facilities for a broad range of Medical Meetings & plays a key role in the organisation and coordination of a huge range of educational activities across the hospital. Examples of which a listed below:

Grand Rounds Meeting: SJH Grand Rounds Meeting takes place every Friday morning from 8-9am, offering two 30 –min presentations. This is a cross-speciality meeting at which each hospital team presents once per year, including internal medicine and surgery and their various sub specialities, radiology, pathology, obstetrics and Gynaecology, psychiatry, anaesthetics and ICU.

GP Meetings: The William Stokes Facility of the ICGP meets every Friday lunchtime here in the Post Grad Centre offering a broad programme presented by various hospital specialists. GP and other speakers. The annual SJH GP Study day is held on the 3rd Sat in January each year with attendance of aprox 100.

Endocrine Meetings: the Endocrine Team holds these meetings, every Tuesday lunchtime in the post Graduate Centre.

Medical Update: The Medical update is held every, Wednesday Lunchtime here in the PGC with a number of teams presenting Consultants and teams from Rhuematology, Pharmacocology, General Medicine, Genito-Urinary Medicine Infectious Diseases and Neurology and Medel.

Intern Teaching: Held every Tuesday and Thursday here in the PGC with a number of lectures held to benefit medical and surgical Intern Education.

The Trinity Medical SHO Scheme:
The William Stokes Post Grad Centre also plays a role in coordinating The Trinity Medical Rotation Scheme. This is the longest established and largest SHO Scheme in Ireland with 72 places on 2-year rotations. Each of our 2-year rotations offers a minimum 18 Months in the Dublin hospitals. Most of the rotations also offer 6 months (during year 1 of the rotation) in one of our regional Hospitals, which have a tradition of excellent exposure in internal medicine and consultants who are genuinely interested in teaching. All rotations are fully accredited for GPT.

Other Activities held within the centre

  • Lectures, clinical case conferences, tutorials in all of the medical, surgical and other hospital specialities
  • Medical Research Meetings
  • Meetings for Dublin Vocational Training Scheme in General Practice
  • ACLS Courses
  • Seminars of the William faculty of the Irish College of General Practitioners
  • Child Psychiatry Senior Lectures