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Liver cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide, and ranks as the second and sixth most common cause of cancer death in men and women, respectively. In patients with cirrhosis, it represents the primary cause of death.

Most liver cancers are hepatocellular carcinomas (HCCs), however some patients develop intrahepatic cholangiocarcinomas (ICCs) or rare tumours in non-cirrhotic livers. 

Chronic liver diseases, alcohol consumption, obesity and diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), aflatoxins exposure as well as chronic infection with hepatitis B (HBV) or  hepatitis C (HCV), are considered risk factors for liver cancer.

In October 2020, the Nobel Prize awarded three scientists for their discovery of HCV, which leads to cirrhosis and liver cancer, for their valuable contribution to its elimination. The burden of adult liver cancers and HCC is still increasing and various public health strategies have been developed in many European countries to prevent and control this trend, but is likely to remain a major global health problem in the decades ahead.

  • There are a number of treatment options suitable for patients with a diagnosis of primary liver cancer, and these depend on the type of liver cancer, and stage of your cancer. Both you and your consultant will decide on the treatment that suits you. The following treatment options are available:                        

    • Surgery: this may include liver transplantation for some patients with cirrhosis, or liver resection for patients who develop liver cancer in a liver which is non-cirrhotic.
    • Loco-regional therapies which include chemo-embolisation therapy known as TACE given directly into the liver, and radio-frequency ablation.
    • Hormonal therapy.
  • Consultant Hepatologists

    • Professor Suzanne Norris, consultant hepatologist/gastroenterologist
    • Professor Susan McKiernan, consultant hepatologist/gastroenterologist

    Consultant Interventional Radiologists

    Liver Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists

    • Aine Devenney, hepatology nurse manager
    • Marie McGrath, hepatology clinical nurse specialist

    Consultant Oncologist

    • Professor Maeve Lowry

    You may also meet other members of our team, which includes junior doctors, clinic coordinators, X-ray staff, phlebotomy staff and secretarial personnel.

  • Irish Cancer Society

    43/45 Northumberland Road
    Dublin 4.

    Phone: (01) 231 0500 

    National Cancer Helpline

    Phone: 1800 200 700

    British Liver Trust